Hi. I’m Dan and I have been a rocker and metal head since I was about 12 when I bought the then newly released Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water album after hearing it at my cousin’s house and attended my first ever gig on Saturday 12 November 2005 at St George’s Hall in Bradford which was Motorhead(RIPLemmy) who are still one of my all time favourite bands. It was the bands 30th anniversary tour and for the release of there September 2004 album “Inferno”. They had the band “In Flames” as support.

Over the last several years since around 2008 I have seen more bands than I could ever count and like a lot of you I take a lot of pictures and videos of my experiences at gigs and I thought that I had gathered (and still gather) plenty for a blog for all you hard rocking amigos  to see. Maybe it’ll get you to discover some of these AWESOME bands for yourself!(no thanks needed). 😉

Enjoy and ROCK ON!! \m/

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So here it is. The final ever tour for KISS. Although they’ve said this before but this time really looks like it is.

The biggest stage production the band has ever done. More lights and pyrotechnics than 2019 ever before. Don’t forget this is the band who started off the pyro thing in 77 on the “Love Gun” tour.

Always more theatrical than music driven however they sounded the best I’ve ever seen them. I attended Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle on this tour bringing my total number of KISS shows to 7. All the hits were blaring through what sounded like some decent gear. We heard Eric Singer singing “Beth” and going one up on Peter Cross playing it on piano. Also a surprising addition was “Heaven’s On Fire”.


I have to say this is the best I’ve ever seen the band. When I last saw them in 2015 I was a bit disappointed as Paul sounded a bit on the croaky side, however he seems to of gained his voice skills back and I’m proud to have them as my all time favourite band. Goodbye KISS it’s been an honour. We wanted the best, we got the best. \m/


Some rockstars, even the most legendary ones don’t seem to hit it off solo once they decide to break away from that band that made them famous. However Slash manages this effortlessly. “Slash’ Snake Pit”, “Velvet Revolver” and for the last ten years “The Conspirators”.

Four albums into their hopefully future extensive catalogue they still rock the house to the point where it felt like a moshing metal show than a steady more stable heavy rock show, but I guess when you are in the same room as “the modern day Hendrix” things are bound to get more intense than your average rock show.

It really is equally exciting been in the same room as his vocalist Myles Kennedy. He sings with more emotion than you feel from most singers these days which I think is what draws the crowd to him as a frontman.

The conspirators as in the rest of the band all seem to be a perfect fit. Energetic, enthusiastic and generally great musicians to be able to be with Slash you have to be at least that.


I’ve seen this band on every tour. They’ve played at Download Festival on every tour as well as having fast sellout shows. During hopefully many more years together if these guys keep bringing the sheer rock storm they bring then rock will never be dead. \m/


British summertime. Not that we usually get the hot weather we’re supposed to during this time of year but this day it exceeded the expectations of a typical summer. 30 degrees outside, probably nearing 35 degrees inside as it was MASSIVELY overcrowded. Me and my friend were stood on the edge of a step watching the show trying to keep our balance throughout. This is the only show I’ve ever been to where bottled water was been sold to the point the bar sold out and hardly a beer in sight.

Let’s get down to the show itself. As I thought he always would be upon trying, Myles Kennedy is so terrific he can handle a stage and an audience completely on his own. Pouring through a fantastic set list. A nice mix of stuff from his work with Slash. A personal favourite I’m chuffed he played was “Starlight”. He also did some Alter Bridge stuff. An interesting part of the set was him doing “Addicted To Pain” as an acoustic song. It really worked well! Plus several songs from his debut solo album obviously.

Surprisingly witty between songs Myles is a true joy to listen to singing or not. He finds a true connection with his audience which is rare in today’s age of performers.


Myles is by far my favourite singer. He fits in a band and solo so well which shows his unparalleled talent as a musician. I’d love to see him still going in 20 years when a lot of the legendary rockers have retired or passed on. It would give great hope for rock fans and prove that rock is far from dead. \m/


So I was always wanting to see this band when Steven Page was in the band. Since I took a chance in 2017 on seeing Steven on his own solo tour and thought he was great, I thought it only fair I give BNL a shot to. I even went a step further and got a meet and greet as I did with Steven. Really nice guys.

Although I have kept listening to the band since Steven left the albums have since lost the comical element but to be honest they still sound great. Change is not always a bad thing in a band and I’ve chosen to think of this as more of the bands evolution. They did all the hits: “The Old Apartment”, “Shoebox” and of course “One Week” amongst many others.


One of Canada’s musical gems. A band that really pulls out all the stops and makes the accordion and the double bass very rockstar. They are a brilliant band to watch and as a fan since I was about 13 I will continue to listen to what they do in the future. They may surprise people if like me u expected their shows to be lacking excitement and humour since they’re last few albums did but like I was you’d be very wrong. \m/



My first time at this venue. A great size and had accommodated the band’s own stage giving a great view from wherever you were stood. Had a very good selection of beers as well 😉


I’ve been waiting a long time to see Queen. As I’d of loved to of seen Freddie Mercury sadly in 1991 I’d of only been 2 years old when he died. Paul Rogers was also someone I never got to see with them so this was BIG!

I’ve followed Adam Lambert since he was on American Idol in 2009 and knew he’d be AMAZING! I was 100% right. Every single hit sounded just as great as if Freddie was singing. Brian May has even stated Adam can sing higher than Freddie which didn’t surprise me.

Adam also had the flamboyance Freddie had which added to it feeling like a Queen show with Freddie in a way. His voice seemed to fit every song perfectly.( if your voice can do Bohemian Rhapsody in its entirety with everyone singing along you know it’s good). My personal favourites been “Killer Queen” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” were what got me really jumping with joy but I must of sang along to every single song like everybody else.

Brian May and Roger Taylor have still got it. Roger owning the drums like he always has through a 40+ year career. Even pulling off a great drum solo mid set. Still a good singer as well when the occasion arises.

Brian and his red special rocking harder than ever! He still makes that thing scream like crazy(as well as the fans). You can tell he still loves what he does and the band is on a high. Even his signature hair still rocks in Grey!


I will always remember this show as one of the all time greatest gigs I’ve ever been to. There’s not a single band who have so many well known songs which makes them unique. There will always be the fans saying it’s not Queen without Freddie but it’s simply not true. Go and see them for Brian and Roger and see Adam for yourself. I think they can stay on top until the end. \m/



An absolutely brilliant band these were! From Tennessee(yes the home of Jack Daniel’s). I’d never heard of them but they were full of energy onstage! Especially the singer. Had a Steven Tyler type thing going on. You also don’t get many bands wearing the bright 70’s, 80’s glam rock style clothing anymore sadly but these guys pulled it off brilliantly! If you like country, blues type music with a bit of glam rock then check these guys out.

The Harmonica player does an amazing bird tweeting solo with his mouth! He also looks just like Danny Glover!


Recently I saw a Queen Documentary and was surprised at first but then I thought about it and it made sense in a way. The Darkness have been labelled as “The modern day Queen.” Now I know their not anywhere near as “legendary” as Queen although they are still big in their own right but now they have Rufus Taylor(Roger Taylor’s son) on drums that’s given the statement a bit of clarification in a way. Sort of like an approval.

An electrifying, heavy flamboyant performance I must say. An extremely lively crowd( got banged about loads). Not a single hit was missed, of course. “One way ticket to hell”, “Barbarian” and the rest finishing with “I believe in a thing called love.”

Met these guys before the show. Really great guys! Justin in particularly loved my Resident Evil hoodie( even if he didn’t know what Resident Evil was.”


Two great lively bands! Was a night of glam from start to finish! One of the jumpiest crowds I’ve EVER been in. PERIOD! But will go see them again and again.



So here we are. Somewhere I’ve never been before and a rather nice little venue. Now been a Barenaked Ladies fan since I was a kid I really looked forward to this as for me Steven could obviously be great on his own due to how much he stood out in the band as an individual back in the day.

He didn’t disappoint one bit. His voice was spot on through the whole show, lots of energy and audience interaction. The audience even threw song requests in which was class! some great guitar work and keyboard work from him also. All in all a really talented musician.

Steven has done some great songs by himself but still did a great bunch of BNL songs also such as “The old apartment”, “Brian Wilson” , “If I had a million dollars” amongst others. I would say his first solo effort “Page One” is his best album to date which I would highly recommend.

I did a meet and greet with Steven after the show. A really nice guy. He told us all how he LOVED the UK and always enjoys coming.

Received my free merchandise from the meet and greet a couple weeks later due to the supplier sending them to the wrong venue so couldn’t collect them at the show! A true rockstar mistake! Haha.


A Brilliant show by one of the few people these days who keeps going far with a solo career once leaving the band that made them. Will be seeing you again good sir…Hopefully. \m/


First gig of 2017! A fuckin blast! A packed venue LOUD and BOUNCING!


I try and get to Fibbers as often as I can for a gig as it is local. A great venue which has always pulled in great bands but it’s now getting bigger names in than ever before. The layout is great and it’s a shall we say “fair” size. Not to big or small. It seems wherever you are stood or sat you get a good view of the stage.


Skindred are a band that have just “Got it” plain and simple. Although I did expect a longer set than 1hr 15mins they played all the best songs! I first saw them in Newcastle supporting Steel Panther a few years ago( I didn’t know who they were before then). Saw them again at Download Festival last year. Both shows were BRILLIANT! This was the first time I got to see them at one of there own proper shows and it was easily the best of the three shows I’ve now seen of there’s.

The volume was cranked up high and a full crowd jumping throughout every song was just crazily AWESOME!

After the gig it was the after party at The Artful Dodger bar. The AWESOME vocalist Mr Benji Webbe himself showed up but sadly not the rest of the band. I think Benji was expecting he’d get left 2 have a few drinks without been bothered.Erm…..No! That didn’t quite happen. The bloke got bombarded practically haha. The price for been a Regae metal LEGEND I think! \m/


Had an absolute blast at this gig! ENERGETIC and LOUD make for the best live bands in my book and Skindred are both! A funny guy as a frontman is always a bonus to. \m/



Been to Leeds First Direct Arena a few times now(always been standing coz I like been near the action!). I LOVE the venue! My favourite one in the UK so far! The sound quality is seems more brilliantly deafening in there than in most other venues and it’s my preferred venue and closest when it’s on a bands tour schedule.


What a fantastically hard rockin band these are! They’re like a strange Danish cross between Nickelback and Metallica and owning all they’re albums myself I can honestly say they haven’t done a bad one yet! After seeing them at Download Festival in 2014 I couldn’t wait to see them again!


Like Volbeat, Alter Bridge are one of the GREATEST modern day ROCK bands! Myles Kennedy really has one of them voices that just grabs you.

Me and a friend decided to get meet and greet for these. Well worth the £145! We got taken into the arena at 3pm and got lead to the arena to watch the 30min sound check then it was into the lounge to get in line for an item signing. I got a poster signed by the full band. Then we went round again in the same line for a photo with the band before getting early access back into the arena at 5:25. The show was one of the best I’ve ever been to. The band were great at Download Festival 2014 when I first saw them but this was something else entirely.


As far as the concert goes my ears were ringing for two days afterwards which hasn’t happened in literally YEARS! It was worth it though.

The meet and greet, well anybody who says you shouldn’t meet your heroes SCREW THEM! That is all. 🙂 \m/


So. Download Festival 2016. My 5th visit which was one of my best because of the lineup but THE WORST for the weather!(it even got dubbed “Drownload” and “Downpour Festival”).During the evening of the first day thunder hit the speakers on the main stage which screwed up the sound quality for the rest of the day, however it was fixed by Saturday morning.


My highlights were,like probably most were all three headliners.(Rammstein, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden). Also I found all the bands we really wanted to see were on the main stage on the Sunday one after the other which was great accept it meant we had to hold the awesome crowd spot we had for the rest of the day( 9 hours by the way whilst needing the toilet most of that time). Not easy but we did it. This meant we got a great view of “The Temperance Movement”, “Halestorm”, “Shinedown”, “Disturbed”, “Nightwish” and finally the mighty Maiden! All FANTASTIC bands!


If Download teaches you anything(other than how to have a rockin good weekend), its IMMENSE BLADDER CONTROL and I’d pick it over a week in the sun any day for a good summer.

Have a rocking good day/night people! \m/

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