So. Download Festival 2016. My 5th visit which was one of my best because of the lineup but THE WORST for the weather!(it even got dubbed “Drownload” and “Downpour Festival”).During the evening of the first day thunder hit the speakers on the main stage which screwed up the sound quality for the rest of the day, however it was fixed by Saturday morning.


My highlights were,like probably most were all three headliners.(Rammstein, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden). Also I found all the bands we really wanted to see were on the main stage on the Sunday one after the other which was great accept it meant we had to hold the awesome crowd spot we had for the rest of the day( 9 hours by the way whilst needing the toilet most of that time). Not easy but we did it. This meant we got a great view of “The Temperance Movement”, “Halestorm”, “Shinedown”, “Disturbed”, “Nightwish” and finally the mighty Maiden! All FANTASTIC bands!


If Download teaches you anything(other than how to have a rockin good weekend), its IMMENSE BLADDER CONTROL and I’d pick it over a week in the sun any day for a good summer.

Have a rocking good day/night people! \m/

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