Been to Leeds First Direct Arena a few times now(always been standing coz I like been near the action!). I LOVE the venue! My favourite one in the UK so far! The sound quality is seems more brilliantly deafening in there than in most other venues and it’s my preferred venue and closest when it’s on a bands tour schedule.


What a fantastically hard rockin band these are! They’re like a strange Danish cross between Nickelback and Metallica and owning all they’re albums myself I can honestly say they haven’t done a bad one yet! After seeing them at Download Festival in 2014 I couldn’t wait to see them again!


Like Volbeat, Alter Bridge are one of the GREATEST modern day ROCK bands! Myles Kennedy really has one of them voices that just grabs you.

Me and a friend decided to get meet and greet for these. Well worth the £145! We got taken into the arena at 3pm and got lead to the arena to watch the 30min sound check then it was into the lounge to get in line for an item signing. I got a poster signed by the full band. Then we went round again in the same line for a photo with the band before getting early access back into the arena at 5:25. The show was one of the best I’ve ever been to. The band were great at Download Festival 2014 when I first saw them but this was something else entirely.


As far as the concert goes my ears were ringing for two days afterwards which hasn’t happened in literally YEARS! It was worth it though.

The meet and greet, well anybody who says you shouldn’t meet your heroes SCREW THEM! That is all. 🙂 \m/

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