First gig of 2017! A fuckin blast! A packed venue LOUD and BOUNCING!


I try and get to Fibbers as often as I can for a gig as it is local. A great venue which has always pulled in great bands but it’s now getting bigger names in than ever before. The layout is great and it’s a shall we say “fair” size. Not to big or small. It seems wherever you are stood or sat you get a good view of the stage.


Skindred are a band that have just “Got it” plain and simple. Although I did expect a longer set than 1hr 15mins they played all the best songs! I first saw them in Newcastle supporting Steel Panther a few years ago( I didn’t know who they were before then). Saw them again at Download Festival last year. Both shows were BRILLIANT! This was the first time I got to see them at one of there own proper shows and it was easily the best of the three shows I’ve now seen of there’s.

The volume was cranked up high and a full crowd jumping throughout every song was just crazily AWESOME!

After the gig it was the after party at The Artful Dodger bar. The AWESOME vocalist Mr Benji Webbe himself showed up but sadly not the rest of the band. I think Benji was expecting he’d get left 2 have a few drinks without been bothered.Erm…..No! That didn’t quite happen. The bloke got bombarded practically haha. The price for been a Regae metal LEGEND I think! \m/


Had an absolute blast at this gig! ENERGETIC and LOUD make for the best live bands in my book and Skindred are both! A funny guy as a frontman is always a bonus to. \m/

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