So here we are. Somewhere I’ve never been before and a rather nice little venue. Now been a Barenaked Ladies fan since I was a kid I really looked forward to this as for me Steven could obviously be great on his own due to how much he stood out in the band as an individual back in the day.

He didn’t disappoint one bit. His voice was spot on through the whole show, lots of energy and audience interaction. The audience even threw song requests in which was class! some great guitar work and keyboard work from him also. All in all a really talented musician.

Steven has done some great songs by himself but still did a great bunch of BNL songs also such as “The old apartment”, “Brian Wilson” , “If I had a million dollars” amongst others. I would say his first solo effort “Page One” is his best album to date which I would highly recommend.

I did a meet and greet with Steven after the show. A really nice guy. He told us all how he LOVED the UK and always enjoys coming.

Received my free merchandise from the meet and greet a couple weeks later due to the supplier sending them to the wrong venue so couldn’t collect them at the show! A true rockstar mistake! Haha.


A Brilliant show by one of the few people these days who keeps going far with a solo career once leaving the band that made them. Will be seeing you again good sir…Hopefully. \m/

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