My first time at this venue. A great size and had accommodated the band’s own stage giving a great view from wherever you were stood. Had a very good selection of beers as well 😉


I’ve been waiting a long time to see Queen. As I’d of loved to of seen Freddie Mercury sadly in 1991 I’d of only been 2 years old when he died. Paul Rogers was also someone I never got to see with them so this was BIG!

I’ve followed Adam Lambert since he was on American Idol in 2009 and knew he’d be AMAZING! I was 100% right. Every single hit sounded just as great as if Freddie was singing. Brian May has even stated Adam can sing higher than Freddie which didn’t surprise me.

Adam also had the flamboyance Freddie had which added to it feeling like a Queen show with Freddie in a way. His voice seemed to fit every song perfectly.( if your voice can do Bohemian Rhapsody in its entirety with everyone singing along you know it’s good). My personal favourites been “Killer Queen” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” were what got me really jumping with joy but I must of sang along to every single song like everybody else.

Brian May and Roger Taylor have still got it. Roger owning the drums like he always has through a 40+ year career. Even pulling off a great drum solo mid set. Still a good singer as well when the occasion arises.

Brian and his red special rocking harder than ever! He still makes that thing scream like crazy(as well as the fans). You can tell he still loves what he does and the band is on a high. Even his signature hair still rocks in Grey!


I will always remember this show as one of the all time greatest gigs I’ve ever been to. There’s not a single band who have so many well known songs which makes them unique. There will always be the fans saying it’s not Queen without Freddie but it’s simply not true. Go and see them for Brian and Roger and see Adam for yourself. I think they can stay on top until the end. \m/

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