British summertime. Not that we usually get the hot weather we’re supposed to during this time of year but this day it exceeded the expectations of a typical summer. 30 degrees outside, probably nearing 35 degrees inside as it was MASSIVELY overcrowded. Me and my friend were stood on the edge of a step watching the show trying to keep our balance throughout. This is the only show I’ve ever been to where bottled water was been sold to the point the bar sold out and hardly a beer in sight.

Let’s get down to the show itself. As I thought he always would be upon trying, Myles Kennedy is so terrific he can handle a stage and an audience completely on his own. Pouring through a fantastic set list. A nice mix of stuff from his work with Slash. A personal favourite I’m chuffed he played was “Starlight”. He also did some Alter Bridge stuff. An interesting part of the set was him doing “Addicted To Pain” as an acoustic song. It really worked well! Plus several songs from his debut solo album obviously.

Surprisingly witty between songs Myles is a true joy to listen to singing or not. He finds a true connection with his audience which is rare in today’s age of performers.


Myles is by far my favourite singer. He fits in a band and solo so well which shows his unparalleled talent as a musician. I’d love to see him still going in 20 years when a lot of the legendary rockers have retired or passed on. It would give great hope for rock fans and prove that rock is far from dead. \m/

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