So here it is. The final ever tour for KISS. Although they’ve said this before but this time really looks like it is.

The biggest stage production the band has ever done. More lights and pyrotechnics than 2019 ever before. Don’t forget this is the band who started off the pyro thing in 77 on the “Love Gun” tour.

Always more theatrical than music driven however they sounded the best I’ve ever seen them. I attended Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle on this tour bringing my total number of KISS shows to 7. All the hits were blaring through what sounded like some decent gear. We heard Eric Singer singing “Beth” and going one up on Peter Cross playing it on piano. Also a surprising addition was “Heaven’s On Fire”.


I have to say this is the best I’ve ever seen the band. When I last saw them in 2015 I was a bit disappointed as Paul sounded a bit on the croaky side, however he seems to of gained his voice skills back and I’m proud to have them as my all time favourite band. Goodbye KISS it’s been an honour. We wanted the best, we got the best. \m/

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